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"I have a habit. Bad habit, my mom says. I say, a gift."

Yang namanya penulis, paling 'ngena' kalo ngeliat tulisan. Saat buka website orang ini dan statement pertama yang gue baca adalah kalimat di atas, it literally inspired me to write a blog about this person.

Ga biasa-biasanya gue nge-blog soal artis Indo. Bukannya karena ga ada yang oke (Oke, fine, honestly I really think ga ada yang oke), tapi jarang banget ada yang menurut gue level of intelligence-nya itu pantes dijadiin public figure. Like a decent celebrity that can be a good example, for instance. People need someone to look up to, and kenapa negara Indo ga pernah beres dari dulu-- walaupun, ngomongnya banyak kemajuan and everything, well to me, the way I see it, is that the people- the role model that we're suppose to be admiring and follow- have not really qualified to make us a better population. I mean, apa ya, taste of music-wise, level of soap opera-wise, takes my breath away sometimes. And I mean it not in a good way, really. Well, uh, I can't really elaborate, but you get the picture.

Tapi ada satu seleb yang menurut gue sangat pantes dijadiin tolak ukur "bener engga"-nya artis Indo. Gue pertama liat dia di film layar lebar, ternyata dia punya relasi sama seseorang, I can't remember who and I can't be bothered to find out either, yang pasti someone with power (of course) or major links, to say the least. So, I thought, "Ah, another rich kid trying to be famous like the others; no talent, just relation with power, yada yada yada." But! I was proven wrong. I came across her personal blog a few years ago and thought to myself, "Wow, her brain is really... Something." Her english was outstanding, and yes, people with advanced skill of writing turns me on. She's a girl, I'm straight, so I meant that in a less provocative way, of course. Then I saw her ability to write music, followed her on Twitter and see her witty Tweets, it kinda hit me that maybe she's more than just a pretty face.

Dan bener banget, ternyata Sherina Munaf emang bukan sekedar seseorang yang jual tampang atau karena "link," she's really something, alright. Belom lama ini gue iseng baca website dia dan ternyata dia lagi kerjain satu project, it's called Thumbalip, I don't really know what but I'm excited to see her next move. She's definitely someone I would want to work with in the future, her brain is just... Too worthy and precious to be stranded on a country like Indonesia. It's no wonder why she is one of the few celebrities in Indonesia that has her account verified on Twitter (Talk about 2 million followers!). She is one of the, if not the only, celebrity in Indonesia that deserves a thumbs up. Artis Indo yang lainnya? Jari tengah aja.

...just kidding;)

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Cella said...

like this! :)
she's one of the most brilliant woman that i admired a lot.
another one is you. hehehhe

Nadia Juliana said...

Thank you for liking:')
Yes, I do admire Sherina a lot:') Aww thank you... Such an honor:')

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